Beer On Tap

Black Husky Flight

(4) 7oz samples $15

Elderberry Gose

Sour - Traditional Gose • 4.2% ABV • 9 IBU
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $6
4 Pack To Go $13

Czech Pils

Pilsner - Czech• 5% ABV • 39 IBU
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $7
32oz Growler Refill $12 64oz 
Growler Refill $18

It's For A Friend - Cranberry Orange Seltzer

Hard Seltzer • 5.5% ABV
Cranberry, Orange, and Ginger mix together in this bright seltzer that is outstandingly refreshing. Just remember, It's for a friend.
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $6
32oz Growler Refill $11 64oz 
Growler Refill $17

OIHF (Outstanding In His Field)

Stout - Milk • 6.2% ABV • 18 IBU
OIHF you say??? Pronounced Oooiiifff, an obvious acronym for Outstanding In His Field, our Milk Stout, like BB, is outstanding in its field! BB is one of a kind and his cow friends are in awe of his ability to produce a Milk Stout that is at the same time a little sweet (BB thinks he’s a lap dog) but with a little fight just to keep things interesting (just that once, but it wasn’t his fault!). Our Milk Stout will take you on a pleasant stroll through the pastures, but beware – you might end up out standing in a field.
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $7
32oz Growler Refill $12 64oz 
Growler Refill $18


Pale Ale with Mosaic Hops • 6.8% ABV • 42 IBU
Loki, the patriarch of the kennel was a dopey dog who always was a little out in left field. Fiercely loyal with a great work ethic but not much athletic talent, he did have a strong spirit and around his pack he was the boss. In tribute to the dichotomy that was Loki, we bring you Dogfather, a juicy yet not aggressively hopped pale ale brewed with Mosaic hops.
16oz Can $6 4 Pack To Go $11


Pale Ale with Citra Hops • 7.2% ABV • 42 IBU
Shad is our rock star dog having run the famous Iditarod sled dog race. However, like some celebrities, he could be aloof and even arrogant at times. In fact he really felt like he was better than other dogs – and he was. So in Shad’s arrogant spirit we have brewed a pale ale with Citra hops that we frankly feel is better than the others.
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $6
4 Pack To Go $11
Growler Refill $11 64oz Growler Refill $17

One In Four

IPA - American• 7.6% ABV • 40 IBU
Brewed using experimental hop 586, you'll find plenty of mango and citrus in this one. On top of that, you're supporting a great cause! $1 for each draft beer and $4 from each 4-pack will be donated to the LOVE>hate project to bring  awareness to domestic violence.
7oz Draft $5 12oz Draft $7


Farmhouse Ale - Saison• 8.5% ABV • 20 IBU
Spicy, dry, with a slightly bitter finish.
7oz Draft $5 12oz Draft $7
32oz Growler Refill $12 64oz 
Growler Refill $18


Double IPA with Spruce • 8.6% ABV • 106 IBU
“Reminiscent of the essence of pine wafting in the breeze as you stroll through the forest on a cool, crisp winter’s evening…” What? Really? Lothar (“The Biter”) would sooner, well, bite you, than listen to you extol the virtues of the pine forest. This Black Husky innovation is not so subtle – and it’s not meant to be. Brewed with locally harvested spruce tips and tracking in at 106 IBUs this aggressive double IPA won’t leave you wondering if you caught a whiff of pine; rather you’ll know you bulldozed through the forest and came out on the other side – the dark side – the Black Husky side.
7oz Draft $4 16oz Draft $7
4 Pack To Go $13
Growler Refill $12/$18

Headbutter 2022

Barleywine - American• 9.4% ABV • 56 IBU
Akira is truly an original. A tiny dog with a strong personality – some say a bad attitude, but we prefer to think she’s headstrong. Late in life, she’s been confined to the house, but when she wants out–she’s going out! She’ll butt her head against the door until it opens. So here’s to all of us diminutive creatures, who like Akira, won’t take “No” for an answer, but keep butting our heads until we get what we want.
7oz Draft $5 12oz Draft $8

12-Dog Imperial Stout

Stout - Imperial • 9.6% ABV • 40 IBU
In the lower 48, 12-dog racing is king. To honor that tradition, our Imperial Stout uses 12 malts. In harness each dog brings a unique personality, providing an unpredictable and exciting ride! A Lead dog guides the adventure and while Rosie is smallest in stature, she has the largest personality and is the natural representative for this intensely flavored, fullbodied beer – a bit over the top, as  is Rosie. She wears her crown proudly!
7oz Draft $5 12oz Draft $7
32oz Growler Refill $12 64oz 
Growler Refill $18