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  • Smokey

    Smokey - Vice President in Charge of Canine Compliance

    Senior member of the organization, she assures that all of our four-legged friends behave. She also supervises behind the bar and cute as she may be, she runs a tight ship and only allows a select few to touch her - even if you think you're really good with dogs, or even a dog-whisperer.

  • Devon

    Devon - Second Under-Secretary of Gnome Relations

    Junior Member of the Traveling Trapeze and Tumbling Family “The Rowdy Rowleys.” Takes the spotlight displaying her “dope” dance moves. When counting the drawer she can often be heard mumbling to herself "My Precious” in her Gollum voice.

  • Emma


  • Josh

    Josh - Minister of Face Follicle Fastidiousness

    First thing one notices about Josh is his beard. His secret desire is to let his beard get long enough to use as a comb-over. He might look bad ass but like Samwise Gamgee he’s not our Bodyguard, he’s our Gardener. Devon – care to explain to Josh???

  • Katie

    Katie - AssBee & Artist in Residence

    Not just a pretty face, Katie is also an accomplished latch hook artist and beer bottling Maven, She and Toni often race to the bar to get dog treats for our canine visitors. A little known fact is that Katie loves cats.

  • Sam

    Sam - Assistant Brewer

  • Tim

    Tim - Head of Hop Handling, Stone Slinging, Plate Pushing and Story Telling

    The brains behind the beer. Founder and coach of Tim’s Gym and Vocal Academy. When he’s not brewing, he can be found in a kilt lifting stones, singing gospel songs, shot-gunning Hamm’s, and telling us spellbinding stories. But not all at once – except that one time. We don’t talk about that.

  • Toni

    Toni - Co-Chair of the Dance Party Committee and Life Coach

    Hmmm, we're not really sure what she does.