• Smokey

    Smokey - Vice President in Charge of Canine Compliance

    The senior member of the organization, she assures that all of our four-legged friends behave. She also supervises behind the bar and cute as she may be, she doesn't allow anyone to pet her, except for Toni and sometimes Tim.

  • Ashlee

    Ashlee - Chief Intelligence Officer (Former) in Charge of Illinois (Chicago) Region

    Original assignment was to infiltrate the area directly south of Wisconsin, sometimes referred to as Illinois but in Wisconsin we refer to it as “Chicago.” Had to be forcefully extricated as she began to get too assimilated to her environment. Even named her dogs after – choke – Chicago Cubs players. Got her out just before she started rooting for the Bears.

  • Jake

    Jake - Beertender and Security

    The Enforcer of the group, he ensures that everyone is out the door 30 minutes after last call. He doesn’t just wash glasses, he punishes them like Chuck Norris would if Vladimir Putin insulted him.

  • Katie

    Katie - Beertender and Artist in Residence

    Not just a pretty face, Katie is also an accomplished latch hook artist and beer bottling Maven, She and Toni often race to the bar to get dog treats for our canine visitors. A little known fact is that Katie loves cats.

  • Lena

    Lena - Beertender and T-shirt Merchandiser Extraordinaire

    She leaves all of us in awe of her ability to fold any size t-shirt so that the logo shows perfectly centered in a Ziploc bag.

  • Michael

    Michael - Beertender and Social Media Wizard

    He claims his nickname is “Big Guns.” That must be one of those ironic nicknames. He's Toni's go-to guy when she can't figure out how to use her phone or post on Facebook. It's a tie between Michael and Toni who is more bothered by disorganization.

  • Tim

    Tim - Co-Owner and Non-Performing Asset

    We're not sure what he does. He mostly wanders around asking people if they have seen his glasses.

  • Toni

    Toni - Co-Owner and Doer of All Things that Need Getting Done...

    Makes sure everything gets done and everyone is happy. The heart and soul of Black Husky Brewing. Favorite past time is pouring glasses of beer.